Membership Terms

ADVANCED TECHNIQUES: Take responsibility for your own actions if attempting anything found on these pages.

Your COACH, parent or guardian should oversee changes to your strokes.

JUNIORS must join in the name of (and the account be overseen by) a Parent or legal guardian, and in the interests of safeguarding, the contact email address must be that of parent/guardian.

Treat other members as equals, irrespective of age, sporting experience or worldly standing.

Advert-free zone – No ads, advertorial fluff, external links, nor anything unsuitable for Junior Members – for this reason, all Comments will be approved manually (if you’re good, you may be invited to write your own posts).

Please don’t choose a username of someone you aren’t (i.e. a tennis player).

No account sharing plz.

I reserve the right to refuse/cancel the membership (hopefully I won’t have to) of:

  • 1: anyone undermining the Community ethos and/or the Equality of Opportunity I shall strive to foster…
  • 2: those with no sense of humour 🙁
  • 3: and if you’re a total *****

(..hands up all those who substituted other than TROLL for those FIVE asterisks?)

This site is born of a love of tennis, a belief in the benefits of sporting opportunity for all, a lifetime’s knowledge and the skills to deliver a unique package – I will update these terms as-and-when they get redefined by the light of future experiences, and shall endeavour to do so for the benefit of everyone.